Fabric Swap!

Well I went to the ball. It was such a great night and I loved getting dressed up. The photos of me from the preball are the best for showing my dress and I haven’t got those yet so these pics will have to do!

I’m the blonde one in blue:

A massive one of my group:

From the photobooth:

I also participated in Dresses And Me‘s Winter Swap. I swapped with Sarah from Sew Love Tea Do.

I received this massive bag of fabric in the mail. Side note: I don’t keep my fabric outside, I just took photos outside because the light was better for getting the colour of the fabric right!

This fabric is drapey but relatively sturdy and has a sort of hessian texture to it. The fabric is actually more of a greenish-gold but it didn’t want to photograph that way. The colour does wash me out a little (my skin tone can be like that) so I might end up dying it. This fabric will probably be made into shorts.

Next was some chiffon in a aztec-ish print. As for what I will make out of it, perhaps a skirt? I could use it for a dress too, perhaps a slouchy style like this?

There was a lot of this bext fabric. It is actually a dark green with a floral border print but it looks black in the photo! This fabric is all silky and something I’m not quite brave enough to wear, any ideas on what I could use it for?

Speaking of prints I’m not brave enough to wear, what about this insane poly chiffon (that feels so much like silk!) that reminds me of a peacock mixed with a tiger? It’s such a cool print but not something I’d wear. I think it would be good for scarves but I’m not a scarf person! Ideas?

There was also a lot of this satin (that isn’t too shiny). Again, the colour washes me out so I might dye it. I tend to go for understated prints so again I’m stuck on what to use this for. A bag? Kids clothes?

Another poly chiffon. Again no idea what I could use this for!

This drapey fabric makes me think of art deco things. It could be a shift dress but there isn’t enough of it and my style isn’t boho or funky. Ideas?

Then lastly, there were these curtain weight lace trims. The chunkier lace would be great for applique but I don’t have the patience for it. Hmm.

So if you have any ideas on what I should use this fabric for, please tell me!

  1. Ooh those are nice prints. The silk/chiffon ones would be great for drapey dresses or blouses :)

  2. my fav is the aztec print! im all about the summer elastic dresses at the moment – cant wait to see what happens with all this fabric!

  3. Wow, you guys look great. Love the blue.

  4. I love the fabrics!
    The silky prints might not be everyone’s style, but I think they would look great as a blouse! Maybe something like this?

    As for the lace – I love appliqués, too bad you don’t! If you don’t want to use them on clothes, you can decorate glasses or wine bottles with it. Would also look great with burlap!

    • Thanks for the great ideas! I especially like the bottle ideas for the lace. I like the look of applique, I just don’t have the patience for it!

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